Progress on Valmy, basing and getting started

Well, lots of progress.

First, I sought feedback from TMP and the Honour Forum on our basing approach.  The two major pieces of feedback suggest going with 20mm square bases or using the Polemos 60 x 30mm bases.  The Honour Forum also has a lot of advice already posted. I’m going to mock-up a few of the options to show the guys in our group and we’ll see how it turns out. In order to do that I’ll turn to Dean Bedlington of Olympian Games.  Dean knows all about that base 🙂 and he’s the go to guy in Australia as far as I’m concerned. I’ll keep this blog up to date with how that all goes. chuquet coverSecond, I’ve found sufficient resources and information to allow me to kick off the Valmy campaign.

I found a translation of Chuquet’s Les Guerres de la Révolution amid the Nafziger Collection. While the title suggest it covers the wars of the revolution it only covers the northern theatre up to 1793. I suspect poor Arthur ran out of puff after 11 volumes. Speaking of which, that’s going to set me back a pretty penny at $37 a volume shipped out to Australia.  It might be time to learn to read French which is, I imagine, a different thing to learning to speak it. Anyway, I ordered the first two volumes that cover the Prussian advance and Valmy.  They are 540 pages to cover 40 days so it may be a tedious read.

game_cover_xl_valmyAnother find has been The Valmy Campaign by Turning Point Simulations which is, believe it or not, a just published operational board game covering the campaign at battalion level. Talk about serendipity!  Between the books and the game I’ll have all the information I’ll need. In fact, the books may be unnecessary now.  It’s a shame I’ve already ordered them.

Third, I can get started at as soon as the game arrives. So I’ve set a tentative start date of 1 July.  This late start allows plenty of time for the game to arrive, the two players going to Waterloo to return to Australia, and leaves space for the Waterloo mini-campaign I’ll run over the anniversary of the Waterloo Campaign.

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