Which campaign next (1)?

There is not much I can do to prepare the Valmy campaign until the game arrives. So I’ve put some effort into deciding which campaign next. The alternatives are Custine’s lunge to Mainz, Wurms and Frankfurt or Montesquiou’s attack on Lombardy.

Court_Custine_VersaillesThe campaign of Custine (“General Moustache” to his men – I wonder why?) is difficult to represent.  Essentially, Custine marched into cities belonging to small electorates that had no real capacity to defend themselves.  When Brunswick responded by marching toward him, Custine hightailed it out of there. The most significant event in the campaign was the failure of the French to evacuate 19,000 of their troops from Mainz before the coalition forces placed them under siege.  It doesn’t seem too exciting.

Général_ANNE_PIERRE_MARQUIS_DE_MONTESQUIOU_FEZENSAC_(1739-1798)Montesquiou’s conquest of Lombardy and the County of Nice was a one-sided affair in favour of the French. The Piedmontese defending Savoy, simply retired in front of Montesquiou without much resistance. The histories say they were badly outnumbered but is was about 19,000 to 24,000. While the quality of the Piedmontese was open to question, the French were not much better, if at all. So there is an option to run a map campaign with the Piedmontese receiving reinforcements if the keep the French on the hop long enough.

I’ve found Krebs and Moris’ Campagnes dans les Alpes pendant la Révolution online. It seems to be the standard work for the early Italian campaigns. Sadly it’s in French, but I can learn to scan that for sense or use translation software if I have to.

So, I’m going to get to work producing a map and OB for the Savoy campaign and I’ll run it as umpire.