1) Valmy


The campaign will use Turning Point Simulation’s The Valmy Campaign at operational level and Blücher for the tabletop.

We’ve begun, but updates won’t appear here until the three separate campaigns have progressed enough not to be affected by what occurs here. I have to tell you it has been pretty interesting so far.


Interest was high enough to run three instances of the campaign so I’ve created a page for each. You can find them below:

Link to Simon (France) versus (not verse) Tony (Prussia)

Link to The Butcher (France) versus Graham (Prussia)

Link to Greg (France) versus Peter (Prussia)

Each page contains a narrative.


These will appear in good time.

x beat y

z beat a

b beat c


I’m still working on how ratings will work. Am thinking a blend of self assessment and opponent and crowd sourced assessment is how we’ll go.

Since I was involved in umpiring the second campaign my rating will not change. However, Graham gets rated.

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